Count it all Joy!!!!

Welcome to our new blog...Journeying through the epistle of James, where we will find some practical nuggets for daily living. James begins with a difficult invitation:  "Count it all joy when you you fall into various trials" 1 vs.2 This week I am sharing personally that God sends us tests to build our faith and give us a testimony to the praise and glory of his name. I am giving thanks to God for the rediscovery of my travel funds that I thought was lost or stolen during travel from Alabama to Dallas on October 4, the Lord spoke to me to be silent on the matter and totally spend and give to Him whatever little I had, as I received an unexpected blessing from a friend, and trust Him, so for two weeks I had a zero balance! I was tempted to tell others and seek help but the Lord reminded me to keep my mouth shut. I struggled, then finally let go and released my care to God. So over a week ago I am at the beach searching for something in the many pockets of my back pack and there was the envelope in the most unlikely place all funds intact! Praise God! He prevented me from raising an alarm or asking anyone for help, though I prayed for the conviction of the  airport staff who I thought had somehow snatched it.  I told four persons because I knew there was going to be a testimony.  "The testing of your faith produces patience, but let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing." James 1:3,4.  God wanted me to rejoice and wait on Him to reveal it. We must obey when He speaks, Our faith is tested by our attitude towards trials from without. God is working in us to make us complete. Glory to His name! A we say "Count it all Joy!"

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