• Grace Myers

Cast your bread upon the waters

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

While feeding the fishes with bread at the beach on Sunday morning, I reflected on the verse: Ecclesiastes 11:1, 6.

"Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days... In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not withhold your hand, For you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that, Or whether both alike will be good." Eccl. 11:1, 6. I return from the beach at 8:30 am to find Treshawn (who I renamed Esther) dragging her foot up the hill, as both her sandals and her toe are broken. But she is ready for church an hour and a half before the fact! We keep casting our bread and sowing seeds at Spicy Grove Youth Center. We will reap a harvest....what an encouragement!!!

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