Back to School preparation, Contract & Distribution Days for Basic & Primary School

"In a time of such uncertainty, Our God continues to provide and show up for this ministry! This year, we were so blessed to have four energetic, well-mannered young persons from the National Youth Service's Summer Work Programme! For our summer high school day camp, they assisted by teaching Math, English, Drama, and also being excellent role models for our children.

The extra hands most definitely made the process of packing school bags for our children much smoother! We thank God for sending Denzil, Richard, Tanya & Lavien who served our children and Center well. A big shout out to our intern Julia, from Florida, who was a major help with sorting through their school shoes in July.

Last week Wednesday and Thursday, September 1st and 2nd, parents of basic & primary school children came out for two successful back-to-school contract & distribution days. It was truly a team effort for all staff involved! Here is a snapshot of what each day looked like:

Raheem, our Front Desk assistant, sanitized parents as they entered the Center. They would then be registered by Bjorn, our IT Coordinator, who also collected and copied the relevant documents for their child.

Mrs. Dafflyn Campbell, our Youth Center Director/Chief Operating Officer opened the meetings in prayer and emphasized to our parents the importance of observing COVID-19 protocols as we fight this pandemic together.

Tanya, our Child Development Officer, led devotions from Psalms 139:13-17, teaching our parents that they should see themselves and their children as precious in God's eyes. She also informed parents of the Tutoring & Homework Assistance schedule for this school term.

The home stretch was done by Terri-Ann, our Social Work Officer, who presented the Child Sponsorship Contract with some new features, allowing for questions from our parents.

Parents were then able to sign contracts and collect their child's back-to-school package, including a school bag, supplies, and uniforms from our NYS Summer Workers!

We thank Damion, our Youth and Maintenance Officer, for his continued dedication to ensure that multimedia is always on point! A special shout-out also goes to Leanne, who does photography/videography for the Center when she is not assisting children with tutoring.

Stay tuned for updates on our high school contract & distribution days! Thank you for your continued support of this ministry, our children, and our families.

May God bless you real good!!"

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