April - May Issue No. 2


With the entire world grappling with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, SGYC continued its commitment to bring hope and the love of Christ to children, youth and their families.

The weekly treks into the communities bearing care packages and hot meals became the focus of the ministry. It brought us joy to see the smiles on the faces of the children as they gladly received their packages and were always excited to see us.

One of our grateful parents had this to say:

“Thank you so much, may God’s blessings continue to flow, hope he will always provide for you people so that you can give, may his blessings never stop.”

The closure of the center meant that our regular programs were suspended. However, we made our computers and printing services available to students who lacked access and equipment required for online schooling.

Our partnership with FOOD FOR THE POOR JAMAICA enabled us to maintain our food and clothing distribution. We are also grateful to Lasco Chin Foundation for their partnership with us to distribute special care packages.

We are thankful to those who have continued to participate in our child sponsorship program and other gracious donors. God has been truly faithful.



In the midst of the COVID crisis, SGYC experienced the miracle of the long-awaited arrival of thirteen computers and other equipment, to establish the Community Access Point (CAP) site, funded under a project by the Universal Services Fund (USF). The project request that was first submitted in 2015 was initially put on hold due to the lack of adequate facilities. The completion of the HOPE Center in 2018 opened the door with the inclusion of a computer lab. We are excited about the possibilities for Children and Adult Literacy, Afterschool/Homework, Vocational and Skills training programs. Our transformation impact on our community has now intensified.



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